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Handmade, hand-wrapped and tied with ribbon and raffia, these giftpacks are beautiful, impressive as a gift and contain all our favourite products.Chilly Willy Bath Blaster – With pure Orange, Cinnamon and Sandalwood essential oils, and a subtlecinnamon and orange fragrance, this isthe one snowman that can warm your heart. Place your Bath Blaster in warm water and watch as it fizzes rapidly releasing its fragrance and essential oils.(p) Drifter bath Tulip it?s the season to be jolly, as well as silky soft and sparkly with this gorgeously scented festive bath Tulip that s fills your bathroom full of Christmas cheer. Use up to 4 times! by dropping in your bath and allowing a portion to melt. (p)Snowdrift Bath Creamer The holidays are coming, so nows the time to treat your yourself to a festive treat of indulgent butters to rejuventate winter weathered skin and warming Frankincences and ginger oils for that inner glow. (p) White Christmas Bath mallow – A little alpine avalanche of pure Cocoa butter, calming (always necessary at Christmas) Chamomile oil and woody Patchouli oil to moisturise and de-stress. Just drop it in a bath to let it slowly melt and release it?s moisturising benefits.(p) Snowflakes Chance Bath Blaster – A flurry of festive feelings floods your senses, as this glittery snowflake drops into your bath, whilst the winter pomegranate fragrance and the pure mandarin and grapefruit oils enliven and uplift.

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