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Handmade, hand-wrapped and tied with ribbon and raffia, these giftpacks are beautiful, impressive as a gift and contain all our favourite products. Flower to the People Brulee – Join in the revolution and start enjoying the hydrating benefits of natural butters upon your skin and the wondrous power of Patchouli and Clary Sage oils as they help to calm, cool and sooth the mind.(p) Electric Daisy Land Bath Blaster – Travel with me to Electric Daisyland, a land of far out flowers, fine fragrance and enough lemongrass and thyme essential oils to help you turn on, drop in and fizz out! (p)Day Dreamer Bath Mallow – Let the day float away with the help of calming geranium and deeply relaxing lavender pure essential oils, whilst enjoying the skin nourishing natural butters. Just drop it in a bath to let it slowly melt and release it?s moisturising benefits. (p) Mellow Meadow Bath Creamer Feel the warm sun kissed grass between your toes. Let our shea and cocoa butters gently massage your skin. Feel the heat of the sun resting lightly on your neck and sigh with pleasure as the petitigrain and clary sage oils relax your mind.(p) Pink Lady Blaster Join the Pink Lady gang and drop this lightly glittered party blaster in your bath. With a great bergamot fragrance and pure bergamot and orange oils to revive, refresh and strengthen you ready for the night ahead!! Place your Bath Blaster in warm water and watch as it fizzes rapidly releasing its fragrance and essential oils.

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